Bug Report - Basket Weaving station

Basket Weaving sitting pose gets overridden and stands the user back up.

Thanks @Lilianath, we will take a look at this.

Was is the basket weaving station in particular or has it done similar with other stations which require sitting down?

Others I can think of include pottery and spinning wheel.

The basketweaving station has always done this to me, too. I just never gave it a lot of thought.

The pottery doesn’t, though if I don’t turn my AO off, it looks pretty weird.

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I’ll take a look.

Im wondering if it’s to do with this particular animation having the avatar down low and potentially clipping through the floor, forcing the animation to stop and stand up.

If you guys lift the backset weaving station into the air and use it, does it still do it?

Yes, it does. I stayed in the animation for about 10 seconds before standing up into the normal SL neutral stand.

Additionally (I don’t know if it’s related), Dorian got the following error when I sat on it after moving it up a half meter or so:
[20:36] Unable to find specified agent to request experience permissions.

As long as it still works for you, should be fine. Otherwise you will probably need another HUD.

We will take a look at the animation and see what’s different l, if anything, that is causing the standing.

It works fine for me, but it also doesn’t bother me that the animation fails after a few seconds. That does strike me as something that will need to be fixed eventually, if only as a housekeeping/professional appearance sort of task.

That’s the first time it’s thrown that error that I’m aware of, and it’s not a critical issue as far as I know. The station itself functions as it’s supposed to. It just throws an error message to the owner of the station (Dorian).

I actually might need to update my HUD though now that you mention it. I haven’t looked at it for a while.

I’m testing here and so far it’s doing it to me whether I have AO on or AO off, sit overrides on or off, the same issue after a few seconds regardless of where the unit is sitting.

@drakkhis - maybe you know what could be causing this? At about 13% avatar stands up.

Only time it doesn’t stand up for me, is if I stand up during a craft so that it fails, then go to craft again. That time, I remain seated all the way through. So it doesn’t seem to be an animation loop ending or something?

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i have no clue, i will have to check, It sounds like the animation is not looping for some reason. It could be the Animation priority is too low and the standing animation is overriding it, I would have to test it