[Bug Report] Alchemy Station & Herablist table

Alchemy Table

My alchemy table got into an endless cycle of doing whatever it was doing the other day and became frozen again.

I was trying to research the Health property of chamomile. Once the process started there was no progress bar displayed and it became stuck in the cooking animation just the same as it did several days back when you looked at the problem.

Herbalist Table
I was able to get 3 separate tables stuck. Mine, the one at Crimson Hollow, and the one at SL C main store.

I was trying to discover how to make an energy potion here are the steps

1: I added 10 Guarana to the ingredients
2: I was paging through my ingredient list with the arrow buttons lookin looking for water
3: before it was able to reach the final page which should contain water it closed out.

This resulted in some kind of problem. You can still go back to use the table by sitting on it, but you can no longer add an ingredient to a recipe.

Yes, I am going to release the Update for the Hearbalist station today.

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OK… Ikt looks ,like this has revealed an Issue that I had not forseen… I need to do a re write on the Menu system to handle returning the Longer Names, This is actually going to effect all stations and the HUD, so I appologize beforehand that I am going to have to Update everything again to fiix this issue… But First I have to figure out how to fix the problem

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Setting topic to auto close if no responses.

Seems the issue has been resolved.

I haven’t uncovered any further issues at this point.

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