Being able to select all items and setting security settings

Hello, is there or could there be a way to make all items be able to be selected and then pick there Secuity settings please.

I had thought i made everything to the colony however it seems I was mistaken with that thought and had someone come in and chop all the trees down don’t mind sharing certain items with quick respawn time but something with longer respawn times I’m trying to keep locked down for the colony so that the Role Players on the sim don’t have to wait.

To offset these longer timers, we have set up job guilds and that guild owns that item or items so in this the tree people had set their number of trees to a rotation so they would have trees each day to use.

Hey @GabreialZander,

I like this idea.

Currently, we do not have the ability to bulk set your owned items to a specific permission.

Perhaps there is a way that @drakkhis could implement this in future. Heere are two methods that could work:

  • An admin item you would rez on land to set permissions or any other generic settings, such as colours, hovertext. When set, it would communicate to all your SLC items owned under your name.

  • An ability to set item settings within the My SLC Items screen on the meter website.