Become a Patreon!

Hello All,

We are providing fans of SLColonies an opportunity to support the creators of the system through pledging directly to help fund future projects.

As a supporter to SLColonies, not only will you get in-game benefits such as special currency to use on essentials, but you’ll get exclusive content, titles & more.

Check out our tiers to see how you can help and what you get in return for your contribution!

The money raised will be used to achieve goals for our community.

Currently we have goals to work on a Mobile Game version of SLColonies which will allow players to manage their gathering and farms from mobile platform. Though this will likely be worked on when we have completed the Second Life version and gone out of Beta.

Another goal we have is to build an official SLColonies RPG world within Second Life.

Our patreons will have full access to the sim during construction and we will be streaming live as we build and develop the RPG, where you as a patreon will get to be part of the stream and voice chat should you choose to participate. You will get behind-the-scenes look into the construction, the planning, and the thinking behind how an RPG is laid out and how its own economy will work with roleplayers. You will even see the writing of lore, the web design and more.

This will be a unique experience for our patrons to see. And watching the streams live means you get exclusive behind-the-scenes and early access to a series of videos which will be used to educate sim builders on how to make a successful RPG within Second Life, using the SLColonies products.

Once the sims are complete, the series will continue as a daily look into what it takes to maintain and run an RPG within Second Life.

You’ll also get live streams of Drakkhis working on coding and get to see the thought process behind what goes into developing SLColonies. You’ll get to chat live with developers during these streams and get involved in the process.

Patrons of the higher tiers even get read access to our dev chat where you can see what the creators talk about and get an inside look into how we plan and how we work together as a team.

Check it out, and we hope to see you guys as patreon supporters!

The SLColonies Team