Beach Landing CLOSED

And took my alcoholic production in 3 fermenters and 2 distillers :exploding_head:
Public places no more
Use at your own risk

How can it be closed/no public places yet also “use at your own risk” which implies it is still public but access is risky?

Once all the stations have been updated with the access menu, theft should no longer be a problem.

In the meantime, just section off a parcel of land containing your stations and restrict the access.

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closed, abandoned land, all equipment collected without any kind of prior notice to users.
that’s why I say, using spaces open to the public can harm you, since I was using various equipment
opening a space for people to use requires a good deal of responsibility

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We all are aware of the inherent risks of public access to stations and livestock when buying into this system but abandoning land seems a bit extreme when you simple could of made the land Private.

I keep all my livestock and certain other stations and gatherables in a restricted access area of my sim.

I also have a security system that sends me a daily log of visitors to the sim and in real time so if there are issues, I can narrow it down to potential suspects.

After 16 years in Second Life I have learned to trust no one!

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You should remove your listing from the SL Colony Market page.

Beach Landing is not Axels land. He was using Beach Landing as one of his regular crafting areas, but it seems that the owners have allowed the land to go abandoned.

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I see. Hard to understand his translations at times… Anyway, the “beach side market” listing on the Market page leads to that abandon land.

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