Basket weaving station issue

Hi so my girlfriend went to make some baskets. She started and was a few minutes into the process when one of her recipes became ready and at the alert, she popped her out of the weaving animation and she lost all her progress. There was no hover text indicating the status of the weave or an ability to resume.

So she initiated another process and with a few percentages of progress, she deliberately walked away and the hover text indicated the the process was paused but soon a script error popped, the paused hover text was replaced with the
" 0 is crafted by Willow is ready to collect" but she was unable to initiate another session. Normally one would simply have to touch the station to collect nothing … I had to reset the station in order to make it functional again.

I thought there was a failsafe system in place now to protect jobs from a sudden, unexpected disruption.

Thought you would like to know :slight_smile:

try resetting the entiree station, sounds like the scrits may be out of sync

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I reset the station, when she logs back on later we will do another test :slight_smile:

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