[Balance Request] Scrap Wood and Scrap Metals

In working on the basic tool creations to do new player starter kits and catch up with demand for basic tools in the market, we’ve noticed a thing that could be tweaked to make these items a little more readily available.

Currently, metal and wood scraps are widely used, and by comparison to some other materials, really expensive in terms of time, energy, and materials. They only yield 2 from the “parent” material (1 ingot yields 2 metal scraps, 1 sm. plank yields 2 wood scraps). Producing either of these is very intensive and the yield is really low for what goes into them. Can we boost them to 4 or 5 scraps per ingot/plank? That would be a big help, and I don’t think it would upset the balance.


I’ve increased both scrap recipes to give you 5 instead of 2.


I am not going to talk bad about you for at least 24 hours! Thank you!

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Thank implies you talk bad about me every other time :smiley:

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LoL Nah, not so much. Now and then we fuss about you when we think you’re being stubborner than we are, but not SO bad. :crazy_face:

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Ah yes I am def a stubborn leo. But I can be swayed with the right solutions :wink:

At least I am not rude though! :smiley:

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I try not to be. Sometimes it gets away from me though. :wink:

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Hehe dont worry, I wasn’t referring to you being rude. You are not rude at all in my opinion.

Was more referring to rude creators towards their customers and community when in disgreement, that some designers and creators have a reputation for.

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