Auto-Swimming in water "experience" ?!

I confess, this idea is more related to RP than any of the crafting, but I thought it might be a great perk of SLC’s (if it’s doable, easy enough)… that is, to build into the SLC region server and attached experience for all the crafting, an auto-swim when running or walking into water?

Ideally, it would be like the Amazon RP sims have, where accepting the SLC experience on your sim, also allows avatars to automatically swim when they hit SL water, for more seamless IC travel across terrain built on ground level-- you may also consider a “add in” script (like the vendors and water gather script) that would allow someone to make their prim-water a trigger for the auto-swim experience, also.

Thanks for considering! (And having a place I can post these semi-random ideas.) xD

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