Attachment Points for Tools

I don’t know if this is possible with the way that servers send you items, but would it be possible to edit the positions for tools and save those positions? Similar to how this can be done on furniture?

For me, the fishing pole always attaches very strangely to my hands and I have to manually change it, but it doesn’t seem to remember that next time I request the tool.

Probably not a major concern for most people, but just a little detail I noticed.

I notice it too, but I don’t know if there’s anything to do about it. I think the attach point is probably relational, like “x pixels from joint w” and has no way to save an adjusted position. It might not even be the same tool from one request to the next. It might be that the menu calls a pickaxe and applies 17 remaining uses because that’s what your HUD says you had.

This is all conjecture, of course. @Drakkhis would know for sure.

Basically, how attachments work is we can just tell an item to attach to an avatar attach point.

RHAND, LHAND etc without offset. The way it sits on an avatar will depend on how we pick the object back up after it has been adjusted, rotated and sized to a standard avatar.

We use SLColonies avatar to fit tools, but everyones body shapes and sizes are different.

If there is a way to tell an item to store its last fix point to an avatar and save that on the database, we would love to look into that for sure.

@drakkhis - is that even possible?

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i can add in a Table with the Tools last know local position… When I get a chance I will try it with the fishing pole to see how it works out.


That would be awesome.