ATM Reinstated - Important Changes & Considerations

Dear SL Colonies Community,

We have an important announcement to share regarding the reinstatement of the ATM. After hearing your valuable feedback and thorough consideration, we have decided to bring back the ATM in SL Colonies.

However, we must bring your attention to a few key points. As the recent changes in our Marketplace system have made it easier for players to generate an income within SL Colonies, we anticipate that the ATM may accumulate a large volume of coins. Considering the limited number of players using the ATM to purchase SLC Coins using L$, there might not always be L$ stock available for you to sell your coins for profit.

We want to assure you that the team at SL Colonies will be diligently monitoring the ATM situation closely amidst these changes. That being said, it’s essential to clarify that the SL Colonies team will not be funding the ATM with L$. The availability of L$ within the ATM is contingent upon the natural inflow from our players.

The health and sustainability of our in-game economy remain a priority. We want to ensure you that our approach is aimed at supporting an equitable gaming environment that caters to our diverse player base. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your active participation in shaping our community.

Keep exploring, keep creating, and as always, enjoy your journey in SL Colonies.

Best regards,
SL Colonies Team

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