Are you sure there is a solution to level 151?

Are you sure level 151 has a Solution because the boxes in the bottom corners make is impossible for me. I do not wish to be a nitpick but I just can’t find a solution at all…


Yes there is a solution to that level, you have to get inside and move the furthest green block to the right to the left so you can pass under it to get the corners taken care of

I swear I tried that but Always ended up boxed in at a corner anyway ended up boxed in at a corner anyway. I tried that for 2 hours and found no solution. Sigh…

LOL I am trying right now, If I cant finish it in about an hour or so I will delete it from the system LOL

Best of luck @drakkhis

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Thanks for thge Luck, it helped, It is possible

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I am having an oh duh headache the kind where you smack yourself in the face because the solution occurs to you…

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ok I am not getting it tonight next time it comes around I will see if I can get it

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