Are there issues with the Mash Tun?

when using the mash tun no menu appears since yesterday i reset it several times
but no menu. Or is Drakkhis busy to make changes:D

I understand your concern about the missing menu in the mash tun. Let me explain what’s happening. Recently, we implemented a small database update in preparation for the introduction of our new brewing system. This new system will include an advanced mash tun, designed for enhanced functionality and ease of use. Notably, this new mash tun will not require the use of a sit ball.

Due to these changes, the current mash tuns are temporarily incompatible with our system. I realize this has caused some inconvenience, and I sincerely apologize for that. The good news is that the new mash tun has just entered live testing as of yesterday, which means we’re one step closer to bringing these exciting updates to you.

I appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition period. We’re working hard to ensure a smooth integration of the new system, and we’re confident that these changes will significantly enhance your brewing experience. If you have any more questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for the quick response as always :smile:

well glad to know I am not loosing my mind

Are those of us that own a Mash Tun already really suppose to Buy a new one to get the proper update?

Just Rez your old one on the Updater and you should get a popup to update to a new one.

ok wil do because it sounded like we had to buy new by the notice sent and I am like. “What?”

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