Are the Updated animals suppose to be imortal?

ok so I replaced all my old animals and had a few more of the new ones than I wanted. I figure make them dinner. but no matter how may strikes I hear connect with my sword. they only loose a few health. I can’t seem to Kill them and I want pork chops.

What do I do?

You need to use the slaughter knife, which has a bonus to slaughtering animals.

It takes a long time to use any other weapon.

Tried that no such luck.

or do I need to update the slaughter knife too?

Hmmm, yep, it looks like there’s a bug there with the slaughtering and attempting to kill one of these. @drakkhis will push an update to these as soon as possible.

Good because I once punched a cow to death because I did not realize my slaughter knife was not attached and had an easier time…


I can only imagine what will happen if a PETA heard you said that LOL

I will state for the record that I was trying to dispatch the cow swiftly but SL detached my knife and I did not realized till after the cow was dead. I am still new to SLColonies and did not know that it was not suppose to be that hard. If PETA wishes to complain about the wounded but not dead pigs on my farm I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is Drakkhis’s fault by some means of sorcery in his coding. I tried to dispatch them quickly. If they still wish to get on my case since I am often playing a Lycan I will just eat the men from PETA. That should solve my craving for Pork Chops…


I am working on the Fix Right now, It seems to have been a Typo I made in the code, and i have that fixed, LOL now there seems to be a problem with the Updater, so fixing that real quick and I will deliver a new Updater Box to fix the issues for you all

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Thanks @drakkhis. I Really do not like looking at wounded pigs.

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I have Sent A new Updater out today that Should Fix the issue with the Animals, And it should also fix the Animals that are broken.

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