Alien / Fantasy / Sci-fi ... food / gatherable / huntable .... plants & animals

In the interest of more fun for all-- especially non-human characters – I thought it would be cool if maybe we had some “alien” plants and animals! Maybe, 3-5 to start with, total?

Alien/Mythical/Fantasy Plant Feature Ideas:

  • 3 “fruit/nut” stages … 1) baby fruit/nut stage, which may be great (in stat benefits) for some plants and really bad (like deadly) for others. 2) adult fruit/nut stage, which similarly, may be peak stat benefits for some plants, and deadly stat killers for others. 3) Ripe fruit/nut stage, which again, best time to pick them for some, and worst time for others… (this 3 stage fruit/nut maturity may use textures to indicate ripeness, rather than size differences)…
  • Impressive Alien/mythical/fantastical numbers to effect stats! … Ideally, with the 3-ripeness-stages, these numbers would be equally extreme for the “perfectly ripe” versus the “perfectly deadly” … on this same note, I imagine each plant “aiming” so to speak, at one or two stats-- including “drunk” for brewers!
  • 3-14 day regrowth periodssimilar to the ores and wood trees, I imagine the impressive bounty a single fruit might offer some stats when consumed, means they also take longer to regrow once harvested. In my mind, the most bountiful fruit/nut plant, is also the one that takes the longest to cycle through its next growth stages.
  • “toxic until cooked/combined”As a fantasy/alien plant, I imagine at least one being super toxic when eaten right off it, or eaten from inventory without being cooked or combined with x-ingredient… which could be another alien plant or an earthly one farmed by the farmers… In either case, I imagine this plant to be a great stat booster when consumed “properly” .
  • Possibly Alien-plant harvest tool? … not sure what, exactly, but it occurred to me it would add to the co-creative crafting. xD Possibly offer a tool that requires the hardest wood and steel?
  • Glowing, Purples, Pinks, Blues … to lend to the alienscape, I imagine the plants to glow, and be purples, pinks, and blues as main colors with the yellow, reds, and oranges as accent/fruit/nut colors, with green. … I also don’t mind admitting I am playing with a little parcel alienscape at present, and it aided in inspiring these ideas, besides playing a non-human character.
  • More L$ than the other plants/trees/huntibles … dare I suggest! Maybe it was already on the mind as you consider the idea! Higher stats per fruit/nut, making them more valuable, and to pay credit to that in both worlds, I imagine they just cost more to acquire-- though I may also post an idea about a seed-harvester add-on to the cook station. xD

Alien/Mythical/Fantasy Animal Feature Ideas:

  • Hunt/harvest … I imagine the alien creatures to be huntable and harvestable, such as having to hunt it and incapacitate it to harvest its milk, venom, hair, earwax, saliva, semen, eggs, blood…etc… and then it can be left alone to wake and replenish in x-amount of time. I do imagine it possible to kill the creature for meat, bone, teeth, etc…
  • Stat Booster & Killer… like the plants, I imagine the creatures to each have their own “aim” that makes them valuable to hunt and harvest from, and moreso to kill, which is mixed in with the stat-killer nuances, like a milk that must be paired with ice (or whatever) for non-leathal consumption, or eggs that have to be hard-boiled in a special herb-water… and in the case of killing the creature, I imagine at least one creature where the meat is toxic but the blood and some organs are curative…
  • Breedable? … as alien creatures, I imagine a special “breeding stall” for at least one that could be “domesticated” and thusly bred, and maybe it’s breeding time is in equal opposition to the perks it has in relation to the cost to get those perks-- like energy and tool requirement, and health, blood, etc. The rest I imagine may simply respawn after a long period of time semi-randomized 3-7 days after death, as if a new one wandered into the territory… I do imagine one that may take 2 sweeks or more to respawn. To be clear, I imagine these L$ purchases, not CXP like the farm animals.
  • Gloves tool? … maybe one or more creatures is lethal to the touch and requires leather gloves to handle during hunt and harvest, and especially after kill. I imagine the gloves to be more scripting tie-in than worn gloves because of how hard it might be to get a unisex pair of gloves… where it’s then on the player to wear their gloves on the avatar and tool HUD attachment? If unisex gloves are possible, awesome! My brain didn’t think it’d be as easy as a “glove tool” made from leather hide and or scraps, good for x-# of uses… and those playing inhuman characters may choose not to wear any gloves on the avatar and use the glove-tool as game-support to their inhuman character’s immunities or whatever. … shoot… do I need to make a topic for this idea? >.< xD lol
  • use of clay jar, clay jug, glass bottle, glass vile, small basket, etc for harvest … whether or not gloves be needed, I do imagine those harvest tools being needed depending on what’s being collected.

Possible (Full Perm) mesh bases to use? Animation/wander part can be removed, and these are just concept/ideas as example.

The above items are all from the same creator, and he had a lizard thing I didn’t see on the market but I know I purchased from him myself, which would be a cool land/water animal.

Anyroad, that’s the gist. Thanks to all who consider!