Alchemy station can't read inventory in unity App

I was playing with concoction’s on my one alt and the app stopped being able to read her inventory… all other parts of the station seem to work but it can’t read what I am carrying.

That’s an interesting one. @drakkhis will take a look when he wakes up, I am sure and sort this one out.

Did it happen when doing something specifically?

I had just scribed a concoction to a potion I then tried to start a different concoction but all my inventory was not showing. but I was able to brew the recopies I know that I knew I had the ingredients for because that does not required the you to go into the app in depth.

OK, I found the issue and it has been fixed, But I need to make a more in-depth fix to prevent it from happening again, When you created the Potion Lady’s Mantle Water by using the ’ in the name you prevented the App from properly loading your inventory, I have changed the Name of the potion in the system to Ladys Mantle Water, but I am going to have to look further into why it caused an issue.

so noted not characters other than letters and numbers to be used in naming potions. I am sure your will figure out the permanent fix.

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