[ADJUSTMENT] - Deer / Venison

We will be adjusting the spawn rate on the Deer/Venison in the coming days from 30 minutes to something much longer to come in line with the rest of the animals you get in farming.

Most meats take a week or more to breed and require inputting materials, making their costs quite realistic for medieval periods - not mass-produced.

The current setting for the deer at 30 minutes a spawn means you can obtain meat every 30 minutes from the deer. If you have a dozen of them and also go to another sim, you have an unlimited supply of meat and leathers with no real work required besides the input of 1 arrow.

There are two options I will look at:

  • Decreasing respawn rate
  • Decreasing carcass drop rate

I think making their respawn the same as farm animals is a bit much, also, it isn’t free to hunt deer, it costs arrows & energy, tho it is too easy to put out a bunch of deer and wipe them out every spawn. But farmers can do the same with farm animals once they have enough breeding stations, right? I’m wondering if you can only slightly adjust their respawn, but also, add a feature that only allows a small percentage of total rezzed deer on a parcel to spawn at one time. Like you have 12 deer but the system only allows 2 or 3 to spawn until the spawned ones have been killed. That way people can’t fully spawn camp all the deer and wipe them out in a single hunt per spawn.


With the exception of reeds, everything else takes hours to a week to respawn so I can see wolves and deer having a longer respawn rate.

However, I think limiting the respawn rate to a maximum of a few hours is necessary in order to keep the Hunter a desirable and enjoyable class to play because lets face it, who enjoys having to wait a week or more for anything to respawn…

Perhaps a better solution is to lower the drop rate percentages with a minimal respawn rate increase… :slight_smile:

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That was along the lines that I was thinking. Maximum a few hours respawn and lowering the drop rate of carcasses and lowering the rate of dropping leather slightly.

I’ll also remove the wolf carcass drops since currently they are not being used for anything.

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All animals provide the carcass and hide at slaughter, this should not be changed. Is there meat without leather? Is there leather without meat? About time, intervals, yes.


Axel has a point. So instead of eliminating the wolf carcass, how about developing uses for it.

I think people would appreciate the creation of additional huntables such as Boar, Wild Turkey, etc :slight_smile: and have these animals roaming by default.

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Increasing the time to be the same as farm animals is too much, i agree that it should be changed to at least 3hours. Also it makes more sense to find a use for the wolf meat, we can eat it or something.

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Maybe the spooked deer could shout to other deer in a specific range to spook them as well.


make sense since it could be a family of deers, it be fun if people try to hunt one and that one made those in range run at the same time when they miss XD

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