Additional Animal parts

I have been thinking about the butcher and the animals currently in SLC, and their uses. When you slaughter a cow you get a hide and the carcass, but yo do not get a hide from the sheep or the pig, both of which has a good “leather” used shoes, clothing, and other “leather” goods. Sheep skin makes a good supple light weight leather and pig skin is a very durable leather. So I was wondering why the sheep and pig did not give the “hide” and the carcass as well. Taking this line of thinking even further I was wondering why none of the organ meats were given. I understand the portion system to make different cuts and that works for balancing, but I thought in addition to the hides and the carcass each animal should drop additional items to be used. Historically people used every scrap possible from a butchered animal. I think this could easily be reflected in SLC as well. As an example a cow when butchered would give the hide, the carcass, and x number of organ portions/organ meats( this represents the liver kidneys heart brains, etc, ) a sheep when slaughtered would give the sheep skin, the carcass and the stomach and x number of organ meats, the stomach is used for things like haggis, lifrarpylsa, and Boti, a pig when slaughtered would drop the pig hide, the carcass and the intestines(a certain number of intestines each time and used for sausage skins since sausages are coming and chitlins), the chickens do not offer much in the way of additional parts to use except a small number of organ meats like livers and gizzards. Doing this would give additional “leathers” for furniture, clothing and other textiles , and the organ meats would be used for cooking , the intestines would be for sausage casings and all this I think would be an easy addition to the animals.

Hey Vudon.

With butchering of animals, I have gone the route of a carcass giving you ‘portions’ which can be classed as anything you want, instead of filling the database with endless items. However many potions makes whatever body part (eg, 1 portion for mince only etc).

The leathers and hides I am doing already for the addition of the ranger class and leather tanning.

In fact farm animals are no longer going to get pure leather, they will get skins. The leather comes later.

The stomach of animals is already in the system just not officially. We’ll be making it so x portion + salt will give you certain animal casings to fill with mince and spice to make sausages.

I’m just not focused on butchering yet. Everything is getting re-built to work like cooking and alchemy so that recipes are limitless and up to you guys.

But first, Furniture/Clothing.

Then back to Brewery.

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