About the green energy bar

How and what are the ways to increase my energy and be able to work above the 100% standard? It even seems to me that the energy is linked to the health bar. I can’t find any information about it. Thanks.

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Hello @axelnaxos2008,

Please take a look at this for information on how all our stats work:

Have a look at this also to know which stats to upgrade that affect energy:

Strength = +5 Hunger & +5 Blood
Dexterity = +5 Energy & +5 Fatigue
Constitution = +5 Health & +5 Energy & +5 Poison
Intelligence = +5 Thirst & +5 Fatigue
Wisdom = +5 Poison & +5 Blood
Charisma = +5 Hunger & +5 Thirst

You want to be upgrading Dexterity & Constitution.

You can never get above 100%. The bar is relative to your energy stat. If your max energy is 80, having 80 energy will show as 100%, as would 120 energy show as 100% on the bar.

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OK thank you. Black (Wh1tef0x), my helper :wink:, helped me in the world in a practical way too! I gained more knowledge of the system! :star_struck:

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