About the Beds!

How do you explain that from one day to the next, my bed reduced from 10 to 8 energy with new sheets? Better go to the tavern, right? It was the first change of sheets after it had dropped to 5 energy. Thanks.

Hmm, not sure on that one to be honest. The energy rating of sheets shouldn’t change at all. Energy should only change when the sheets reach 0 durability from my understanding.

@drakkhis can you clarify here?

I thought it best to show the image, and I take the opportunity to ask about the counter that does not indicate the number of uses. Is it like that, or should it go down as we use it? Thanks.

The durability counter should go down as you use it, though the floating text may be the durability ‘static’ text to show how many uses you could get out of it.

We will need to change it, so it ticks down after each use.

I see, in terms of the energy question, that was now answered on Discord.

The wool sheets give eight energy, while the linen provides 10. And you are correct when you say that linen sheets are not yet an item we can make and sell on the market. So we will need to wait until the bed system is fully released, as there is more to it than just the beds :wink:

Glad you are enjoying it.

this will make the system more predictable and prevent us from having scares like I had :wink:

yes, but I think it’s more important to keep the information bank here, thanks for the update :slight_smile:

my anxiety meds are up to date lol

wow, I wish SLC a long and prosperous life :vulcan_salute:, it’s amazing, it’s worth my money especially on Black Friday :clap:

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