About farmables

“Breeding Bull”
“Chicken Coop”
“Pig Pen”
Are these farmables configured to notify the user, not the owner, at the end of a brood? And then give him a few hours to collect? I ask why they took a cow away from me! Yes, I used the publics in Cyssan.
I only receive the Compost Bin warnings frequently and without fail.
Even harvest fields seem to me not to be constant with the warnings. About the fields, I apologize because I’m still testing and evaluating everything.

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They are long time crafts. Its possible the notice goes missed while offline. Happens on occasion even with marketplaces when there is something to claim.

I’d suggest looking at the time required for process to finish and setting yourself some alarms/notifications on your mobile phone as reminders.


The gatherables (including the breeding animals) notify the item’s owner. Some stations are “locked” for a certain amount of time after they complete, but I have not checked to see if this is the case with animals or not.

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