Way to negotiate in market

I was thinking having a way to contact sellers so prices can be negotiated would be cool. Sometimes I see items and I think if it was just a little lower I’d buy. Having a way to know who seller is may be a benefit. I know market is getting a remake so it may be in works.

would also be helpful to be able to cancel listings that we’ve posted.


I like both these ideas.

In some markets you can guess who might have posted an item, but if you don’t know the people who normally hang out in the region, it’s nearly impossible to know. And even if you do know the folks who live there, nothing stops other players from coming in and adding to the market.

As it stands, having to either buy your item back at your asking price or wait until the listing expires is kind of a pain. I can see where leaving a request listed when the original person who asked for it to be made changes their mind would be even more problematic.

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Hi @doogz75. Definitely, something that will be worked in. At the very least, listings will have sellers’ names on them so that you can contact them on the side to make deals away from the market.

There will be benefits to making deals away from the market. Saving on fees is the first example. And you could offer each other discounts for bulk outside of market use on a personal basis.

That will 100% be in the update :slight_smile:


The SLC marketplace has fees? Or, that’s going to be part of the update?

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It’ll likely be part of the update.

There will be a base market fee that transfers the coins back to SLC for use in the ATM.

There will also be an optional fee the market owner can input which the market owner will receive.

Costs will be to the seller, or the buyer who places an order on the market.

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