UPDATE: Player Crafting Overhaul!

The crafting system has been completely overhauled for our community! No longer will you lose ingredients when you try to figure out recipes in cooking, and no longer will you be waiting for months for the SLColonies Team to come up with new cooking recipes for you all to enjoy. The recipe system is now in the players hands! Behold the new cooking system:

Now players get a HUD screen when crafting at a cooking station. They can drag and drop any number of ingredients and see in front of their eyes how long it will take, how much CXP they will earn and which stats the end product will effect.

Any combinations that have not been attempted before will give you the opportunity to ‘invent’ the recipe and name it for the next player who uses that combination.

As you level up your cooking skills, you will earn more ‘slots’ to allow bigger combinations in your recipes.

You are also able to purchase ‘catalysts’ from the CXP store which will multiply a specific stat.

Check out the video below:

This system will be added to other stations such as the herbalist and even an alchemist table which will work a little different with ‘random’ stats for potions and so forth!

We hope that you will all enjoy this update and we look forward to the many beautiful recipes you will all come up with. You can bet that we will be running events and contests to find the best recipes of the month to feature on our forums and to convert that recipe into something you can actually ‘see’ in-world as a rezzable prim that can be clicked to be consumed on a table in your homes!

The SLColonies Team