Upcoming Releases

Hello all,

Thought I would take the time to update you on up and coming products to be released to our SL Colonies community.

We have a few new items being finalised and being released soon!

Smaller Fields
Our large fields have been split up into medium and small fields.

Basically the exact same product, except that a medium field is half the size and small is 1/4 the size.

They will still take a week to grow, but only give half and 1/4 the harvested amounts effectively.

This is for people with last land space as full fields can use up a lot of room.

Vineyards have been long awaited. They will allow you to grow various grapes which can be eaten as is, or brought to a cooking station to be used in your recipes.

Brewer profession will gain more recipes with these, including a Juice Press which will turn various fruits into juices.

Some of these juices (particularly grapes) can then be processed and fermented into wines, ports and vinegars.

Fruit Trees
Upcoming are some fruit trees. Including apples, avocados, figs, oranges, lemons. Again these can be eaten as is or used in cooking recipes.

Some of these will work in a Juice Press in the brewery profession to make juices.

Community Chest
We’ve taken member advice and are releasing a community chest. These work like the personal storage chests but will allow up to 50 stacks of items and allow the owner to control access lists. You will be able to give access to individual people or multiple groups.

Herb Gardens
Much like our other plots though more customisable. These plots will allow you to grow various types of herbs and spices which will be used in cooking and other professions such as herbalist in alchemy etc. No prototype yet but stay tuned as its already in discussion and planning!

Butchering Recipes
We are expanding the butchering profession further.

We will start with being able to obtain intestines from the slaughtered animals which you can salt and store.

Combining intestines or stomachs, you’ll be able to add mince meats and herbs and spices to make various sausages and so forth.

With those additions we will release things like aging cabinets and smoke ovens etc. This will open the doors to smoked hams, bacon’s, dry cured meats such as salamies and so forth.

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