[Request] Gathering water

I am sure I am not first to question this. As a farmer, collecting water is extremely tedious and time consuming when collecting one at a time. Is there future plans to make possible watering systems or even making containers that can gather multiple units of water? I know system is in beta and a lot is probably in the works or planned. I just wanted to express my desire for such things. Thanks!

This topic has been thought of but forgotten in the long list of things we want to do.

We’ll release a new product this week to solve this issue. Something along the lines of a water pump that fills a tank over a period of time. We are thinking of a tank that pumps from the ground, and every hour 10 units of water will be available inside of it. So over 24 hours, you have 240 units of water you can take from it to use over your fields and whatever else you need.


very very good idea #temujin, collecting water is a lot of work :slight_smile: better the pump do the work, i love the idea :point_up_2:

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Awesome! That seems like a great idea. My clicking finger thanks you!

awesome idea and great looking tank… :):):slight_smile:

Yep thats great.

I was thinking of just letting us fill like 25 units into the jug in one harvest. Same amount of time just without all the clicking.

Could we get this also? I like the idea of filling my jugs up from other water sources.

Maybe even 5 or 10 would be sufficient in one harvest.

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