[Request] Enhancements to SL Compass or possible other system for small parcels

Today I was using the compass and I was getting some really weird behavior.

I generally go to a plain flat premium sandbox to forage as its really the only viable way to forage and maintain your sanity.

When an herb would spawn near the edge of the sim I wasn’t able to retrieve it.

I don’t have an exact distance but when I would get within say 5-7 meters of the edge of the sim the compass didn’t seem to respond with an update on the herb location.

I was able to pin point all around where I believe the herb to have been, but after nearing the edge of the sim the compass didn’t seem to do anything. It would play the searching animation, but no update on the herb location and the timer seemed to be at a stand still while around the edges as well.

I think I see what the problem is. There seems to be a tiny sliver of protected land around the outside of the sandbox with no scripts allowed.

I had another idea.
What about restricting the compass to a parcel that its on? I know that you want to keep people from setting the search area to a 512 to rig the system but its no different than me using a speed booster on a flat sandbox just because I don’t particularly enjoy that part of the system.

It would get more use out of areas that aren’t full sims. I don’t think most of us have a full sim so no one even uses it on their own land.

Maybe consider having a separate module like the water module so that the sim owner could define a certain area that is searchable for one specific type of species.

I think it would lead to more interesting designs.

Take my Dread Wood design for example. I wouldn’t expect to find a flourishing array of flora there, however I probably would expect to find a good variety of mushrooms thriving on the decayed plant life.

Maybe stop the compass from pin pointing the exact location from within that area (since it may be a smaller search area) and you would still have people having to go actual forage the area to find something.

The sim owner wouldn’t even have to make it known where these resources are located.

I could indicate that the wooded area may contain mushrooms, but now you have to go find it.

I just think no one uses the compass because its really not useful on our small land areas.

I will say the compass gets a lot of use in general.

@drakkhis and I have discussed having themes a sim owner can pick which would affect what the loot tables would be like on the compass. Changing the percentages of finding particular things.

We wont be making it into a designated small area thing as its purpose is not only sim wide but SL wide for anyone to use.

Making a dedicated small area opens it up to abuse. You could set a 10m x 10m zone to a specific species and not have to move around far at all to find it. It just won’t work out.

That still doesn’t address the fact that no one can utilize it on their own lands effectively because the vast majority of us don’t have full regions.

Forcing us out of our play areas into some random place. Again for me and everyone I have taught to use it is go to the sandbox. That takes away from the actual immersion of SL C but its the only way without wasting your time trying to use it on your plot with all the lost time because of it spawning on a neighbors parcel.

No one is going to use it on their small plots because of the timer and how long it takes to get another try once it spawns off your land.

I mean I’m not sure how you can differentiate between what I’m doing and someone using a small 10x10 even on a full sim I arrive at my next check point in about 1-2 seconds so from a time investment perspective its no different.

If you took a poll I can assure you most people would probably say that its their least favorite part of this and quite a few refuse to use it at all because its still just not worth it.

I’d venture to guess the only people using it are because they have to and not because they want to.

I would invite you to come on a mushroom hunt with me and see how much fun you have and if its what you envision for the system.

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It just breaks with every other system in SL C because its not scalable to your land size.

Thats my biggest issue with it that it be can’t utilized it to actually play Colonies on the vast majority of the Colonies regions because they aren’t full sims.

I guess I’m not sure where the obstinance comes from on this.

Is there an issue with me standing in one spot to hoe an entire herb garden without moving?

I can seed, hoe, water, and harvest four large vineyards from standing in one spot and not moving, but you don’t seem to take issue with that.

I can harvest as many reeds as you can pack into one spot, mine as much ore as you can pack into one spot.

So I’m not sure where you view a smaller searchable area as something that is just critically game breaking.

Unfortunately looking at how it is there’s nothing we can do about it.

Its design was intended to be a feature that can be used anywhere you want, including mainland SL.

If we tried to build in a feature that allowed you to set an ‘area’ within your land, this would mean that someone with a private house and a 512m2 block, or 1024m2 or smaller doesn’t matter, it would simply mean the compass will work within that zone only.

It would allow a player to pick a spot on the mainland, set their area to a small plot, and not have to move around anywhere to find an item.

Unfortunately, that isn’t a solution and in return gives the ability for the compass to be spammed.

You will need to visit other lands or areas to make full use of the compass.

We made ploughing have an animation, and I’d be more than happy to create animations for the watering, seeding and all that on fields animate you moving around the field, though the animation would look a little silly as you aren’t moving your feet. It requires custom animating.

You can move around your avatar when you are doing those tasks, but not enough to get out of range and cancelling that task.

We also made the feature where you find items by just sitting there and being in RP mode. It’s rare but it’s there.

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A poll would be interesting.

A poll unfortunately won’t sway my opinion at this stage.

I don’t want to have the compass to a point where you just stand there and search and not have to follow the little blip that goes red on the conpass to tell you where to go. That just makes it so there’s no need for a compass at all and its just searching where you stand.

If there are other solutions to this problem I may consider them.

In response to my own post. Possible solutions would be not to change the compass, but add another feature to hud.

Allowing you to search where you stand. Still select a category like you do with the compass, however, instead of it guaranteeing you find “something” within that category, theres only a % chance you actually do discover something, then the same chance to get something useful from that category.

So you are still expending energy for doing a search in spot, but you’d have more chance of discovering nothing than something for doing so.

As far as I can tell, the chance of finding nothing with the compass is still very high, as is the chance of finding something on someone else’s ban-line-protected property, so I don’t see that a HUD feature would solve the problem, especially if it’s worse than using the compass. That’s the frustration we’re trying to express. Using the compass is more work and more time, with less yield and less actual RP potential than anything else in the system. We burn a lot of high-energy food to find twigs if we find anything.

What you might consider doing is adding a feature to allow for foraging certain landscape features–a rotting log for mushrooms and insects, for example–and limit the range to within 20m of the object. You could code it like the fishing pool, including an appropriate loot table for that feature and a reasonable percentage chance to find loot, with some professions (herbalist, ranger) getting a boost to their percentage because they would have familiarity. You could then have the compass as an available add-on (and even sell it, rather than automatically including it) that would help you locate foraging “stations” and give you a boost to your find percentage in locating loot. To keep it grid-wide, you could allow it to do random high-value loot in addition to locating foraging stations.

You might even make the theme selectable on the foraging station, though I think that might be more of a PITA than is acceptable. I’m picturing a station that you set up, and during the setup, you choose its type (forest, desert, water’s edge, meadow, etc.), which sets its appearance (object from inventory?) and its loot table. With this, you’d have to build in cheat prevention; maybe only allow it to be changed once a week, and only by the owner or server owner.

The easier (and more lucrative) option would be to create several variations of the foraging station, so you can choose the station that fits your land. For example, for Crimson, we would buy something for the forest floor (like the rotting log for mushrooms mentioned above), water’s edge, and meadow. Someone else might buy something for desert terrain, which with our current theme, we would have no use for. That would encourage trade between groups who have one type but not another.

Yes, someone will buy one or more of everything and put them on a 20x20 box (because they only care about winning, not playing), but some people are just going to try to find every cheat and exploit, and you can’t code the entire system around those people. That’s how they have their fun; the rest of us shouldn’t be punished for their enjoyment of finding exploits.

The other alternative that occurred to me is to make everything the herbalist requires farmable in the herb garden. I don’t see this as a viable option, or a realistic one, or a fun one, but it is an option.

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When I find something is in a no access or scripts disabled area I just move on to something else until the timer runs out. I use the compass alot, I think it’s one of the more unique and interesting features and being able to forage anywhere is great, because being forced to stay wandering around the very few slc lands out there would be very limiting and annoying. I think maybe an option to cancel the search would be an interesting and useful feature. It could cost energy to cancel so it can’t be abused too much.

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Yeah, though that penalises the small landowners I think by costing you more energy than someone on a large landmass.

That’s why I think having a new feature alongside the compass, which allows you to forage wherever you are standing, which doesn’t use the compass or make you move around, but instead of moving around and constantly searching until you find the right point on the map, you would get charged less energy overall, but have less of a chance to find an item compared to using the compass.

The trade-off is energy vs chance. Using one or the other system, depending on where you are and what you wish to do.

There is a full sim wide platform at Cyssan just for the Compass. Anyone can use it. It is open to all. It is just below the normal village level. Will add a Teleporter at landing point

Here is a direct link

The compass and foraging have been added to our release timeline. We will look at how the compass works and how we can build foraging for small parcel owners into the system using Energy vs Chance. Both will be looked at and balanced.

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