Permanently deleting recipes

Is it possible that deleting cooking recipes from website, minus the basics, can delete name from database to be used again? There are several times I wanted to improve a recipe, but when I did I had to make a new name. Seems to me that would add a lot of unneeded data on the servers.

No. Once you finalise a recipe it is finalised. It gets added to the fishing bottle notes and everything else.

If we made it so that you could delete an old recipe, and another player had already figured out your recipe or there were trades on the market, it would cause too many complications.

Same deal with Aclhemy. You can test potions, but once inscribed and finalised, thats it.

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Was not thinking of the bottles. My concern was ones that included ingredients that had several different names in the system like sugar and then eventually the duplicate may be taken off due to being a duplicate. That means that recipe is not going to be remade anyways.

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Yes, that’s fine.

We can manually remove recipes the community deem to be duplicated. Just the ability for users to delete recipes could cause issues.

When we manually delete recipes, we are able to view the database and see where the recipes currently are.

  • are there existing items in trade?
  • have people got the recipe in their recipe books?
  • how similar is the recipe to another similar named one in terms of ingredients?

Not saying no to deletion, just saying no to player deleted recipes :slight_smile:

We need a way to allow the community to ‘flag’ recipes for us I think. Yes, we can post them in the forums, but having a type of reporting or flagging system could be cool.

Perhaps a page on our website that lists every known item in the game by name, and the ability to zoom into its stats and what it does to you (if stats are known), and the ability to flag them from there for looking at by mods…


Agreed, would make your life easier to just look at flagged list and investigate. I appreciate your responsiveness to the forums. Gives me assurance of progress.

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