Need help with Sharpening Station

I am trying to sharpen a slaughter knife but when I press C to start the mini game it says “Grinding”, then “Stopped Grinding” immediately after.
[04:16] [SLC] Sharpening Station v0.10.0: Grinding
[04:16] [SLC] Sharpening Station v0.10.0: Stopped Grinding

One green arrow appears after I press C to start the mini game, but nothing happens when I press the corresponding arrow key. I tried pressing C again but it just says Grinding and Stopped Grinding as before, shows one green arrow but nothing after that even when I press corresponding arrow key.

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Hold down the C key and press the arrow while still holding the C key


Thank you for clarifying how to play the mini game! Successfully sharpened the knife and am so grateful!

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please make the sharpening instruction available here on the forum. holding the C key just fires the letter non-stop, some information is missing. sorry about the work. thanks.

Hi Axel,

I assigned myself this topic 3 days ago to provide an answer, as I needed to log in-world to take a few screenshots to help with this one but seems I forgot about it and left it for 3 days. At the time, I was a 3 hour’s drive away, taking my mother to a meditation retreat and had no access to the computer or Second Life.

When you are having issues getting your keys to do anything, and instead they are typing away into the chat screen, this is a preference that needs to be changed within the Firestorm viewer.

If you open your Firestorm settings and search WASD, you should get this screen:

Make sure you have checked the section in red. This makes it so that if you are not chatting, and you hit any letter keys, nothing will happen in chat. WASD letters will act as arrow keys to move around, just like first-person shooter games. And then to chat, you have to press the Enter Key first.

Hope this helps.

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wonderful, my knife is great! :slight_smile: ty so much

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