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I was curious if there were future plans for the farming of thee ole maryjane or Psilocybin mushrooms. I am aware it is controversial and subject for only adults so not everybody would be in favor, but for those who are I think it may be fun. We already can find poppy to make potions and science is proving mentioned items are known now to have positive health impact. Also, we can get drunk in SLC so I guess it isn’t that much of a stretch. Just curious.

I’d totally be into this as well. There are so many things you can make using cannabis, incorporate it into cooking, etc.

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You said psilocybin, that’s one of my loves in life, as is DMT. I am an avid psychonaut - believe it or not! The exploration of my mind in meditation and in ritual is something I hold strongly and have committed to strongly over many years now.

I already added Amanita Muscaria which contains the active agent of muscimol which is in itself psychoactive. But in the game currently, it is used for its more publicly known features of being toxic, which actually it is not if prepared in the right manner. But, it’s there :wink:

In terms of adding more of these to the game, 100% is in my plans.

I discussed during the onset of farming, that adding even smaller than small fields and the ability to have ‘potted plants’ which would include cannabis and the ability to roll your own joints, which when smoked, would affect your vision and give other benefits.

We can surely do similar with poisons as well as psychedelic substances as they become legal within the US (servers are hosted in the US and we run Second Life in the US).


Yes psilocybin is indeed a wonderful thing. I am glad you have plans for my suggestion. Hope nations/states are open to these things as much as you real soon lol.


Just keep in mind some of the sims in the future could be General classed sims. Which would cause an issue with drugs and LL on said sims. Because those sims usually have child avatars on them.


This is correct, but that would be no different to what we have currently, being the vineyards and the making of wines, whiskey and so forth.

The sim owner would need to control these things and decide which professions or which items would suit their sim in that case.

Would be no different to a Gorean sim not being permitted to be G rated if they feature sex and slavery roleplay.

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