More Seeds added for Large Fields

More seeds have been added to the large fields and it’s already gone live for all of your fields (no updating required)!

Not only have you now got the Wheat, Potatoes and todays Corn update, but we’ve just added some Oats, Cotton and Suger Cane!

Oat Fields

Take the oats to the mill as usual to make your flours and use them in your recipes.

Cotton Field
Cotton can be collected but is currently a placeholder ingredient. We will be adding a loom later and more flowers and plants you can collect to make dyes for the end products.

Sugar Cane Field
Take the sugar cane to the mill to get syrup which can be used as is, or take it to a chefs station to form sugar out of it as well!

We hope you enjoy these updates.

We will be making the fields into 3 size variants in future as well. Currently large fields have 4 rows of growth. We’ll make a medium field which will be 2 rows and a smaller field which will be just the 1 row and will function in much the same way, but reduce input and output requirements.

Let us know what you think!

The SLColonies Team