Labor Needed/Wanted Listings .... On Market?

Basic idea…

Players who consider their characters laborers, can offer their services (like mining ore, chopping trees, harvesting crops, water, clay, etc) by listing themselves/their services on the Market

(or… even an In World “ad board” kinda thing players can travel to in order to see both who is available/looking for labor trade)

Players who may own a parcel, or resources on one, can offer portions (% maybe) of their resources in exchange for a worker to harvest them.

In my mind this is to help those looking to do “work” to improve their skills, gain CXP, and or gain resources they can experiment with other professions or sell/trade for coin.

Likewise, to help those who may have an abundance of resources and not enough time to make use of them, to both make use of them (by hiring someone to help) and keep most or a portion of those resources for their own processing and sell/trading.

I imagine it like the “Open Requests” on the Marketplace, except for labor trading, to help connect those looking to use their services, with those that have resources that need service. xD

We also have the forums here under the #trade category which can be used.

Discord also has a channel for recruitment.

A good suggestion is an slc region landing area which has recruitment boards up as land.

As an explorer looking for a colony to join, thats what I would be looking for.

If its temporary help and not actually joining their region. Same thing can occur I guess.