Just a Question About Sim Restarts

I don’t know Drakkhis if you can answer this but any input would be helpful. It is a horrible thing when you start a 30 minute or 1 hour crafting, and all of a sudden a SIM Restart happens. Typically you will lose everything. Is it possible to pick up the item while it is crafting, take it to another spot, put it down and it will continue where it left off?

Not currently. But this could be a featyre request.

Will have to look into if its even possible or if it’s a limitation of SL.

This only is an issue for crafting stations which require you to sit in place.

My initial thought on this is I could put in a Pause button, that will litterally stop the craft at the current time and cause the crafter to stand up… Then if the crafter sits back down the craft resumes, but if another crafter sits down, then the station forgets the in progress craft and gives the new user the craft menu.


Is it not possible to check if it is the same user? … and block other users for some time

i do not want to do that, because what if someone comes to your sim to craft something, and then pauses the craft and leaves, but then does not come back… Then your station is locked untill that person comes back

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an hour or so should be to tolerate

No we dont need to add those types of features.

A pause option one off for the crafter to return on a sim restart is fine. If someone else jumps on, then it will reset itself.

Having an hour timer or anything like that is scripting thats not needed and opens the system to trolling.

Someone can come in, go to all your stations and pause each one for an hour at a time.

We dont have full sims of users and active sims full of people waiting for someone to pause a station just to make it fail.

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can follow your arguments and agree fully

thanks for your time to check and answer so quick

These updates will be pushed to all stations soon!

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