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[01:16] [SLC] HUD v0.16.5 [script:Inventory Menu] Script run-time error
[01:16] Stack-Heap Collision

get sometimes this message - after that the HUD is blocked

Is there something specific you can do to repeat the error?

I do not know the condition - but I will watch and let you know. think clicking an other tool - not from SLC.

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collision with AVSitter 2.2 - not easy to find it exact

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taking an new HUD helps!!!

had more than 5 stack overflows this morning without doing anything special

can you send a LM to Drakkhis of the Location you are having the Errors, I can see if there is something in the area causing the error

I had this issue this morning as well, for the first time. I hadn’t attempted to do anything, use tools, or anything. This happened on login, or shortly thereafter. I wasn’t paying attention (I was reading the forum while Firestorm loaded in, lol) so don’t know if something happened inworld that I didn’t see.

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Sent out an update for the HUD today, hopefully fixes the Stack Heap Errors, I also added to the Campfire, you can now bring up your Crafting Menu by Clicking the campfire and not Just your chair.


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