Fill Requests at Markets

There seems to be a small exploitation available at the markets.

If I list a product that I need such as reeds, and I request 5000 of them, a merchant can go there and fill the request 5 at a time and they get 5 cxp per transaction. Thats wonderful.

The problem is when the owner of the market logs in they have 1000 messages telling them it is ready for pickup. Then they can go to their market and spend the next 5 hours clicking claim items, CLAIM, BACK to HOLDINGS, CLAIM, BACK to HOLDINGS, CLAIM, BACK to HOLDINGS, CLAIM, BACK to HOLDINGS, CLAIM, BACK to HOLDINGS, CLAIM, BACK to HOLDINGS, CLAIM, BACK to HOLDINGS, CLAIM, BACK to HOLDINGS, etc etc 989 times more. I do not think anyone has time for this.

I hate complaining without offering a simple fix. If I ask for 1000 fish, or reeds, or whatever, they can only fill the order with the proper amount and not 5 at a time.


I had a thought along those lines myself.

On the flip side it would be nice for the vendor to be able to say here is a set amount of product for this much. Instead of basing everything around one at a time.

So maybe I say here is a pack of 10 reeds for 50 coin and here is a pack of 20 reeds for 75.
It would allow different types of sales to compete with other markets.

Same with buying. Instead of someone being able to swamp my vendor and sell back 2,000 reeds and rob all of its coin.

To set a limit. Ok this vendor will ONLY buy 500 reeds. Once it reaches 500 it will no longer buy more reeds.

Currently my vendor won’t buy anything only sell because thats what I’m afraid of. Someone swamping the vendor with something for all of its coin making other transactions impossible until I stock it with more coins.


The Markets Have been changed slightly, You now have a Claim All button on the holdings, and I have made an Adjustment to the Merchant so they now Get CXP based on How many Items they fill Devided by 10 so if they fill 100 reeds they get 10 CXP… With both these fixes it should solve the problem


Sounds good, Thank you for looking into this.

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