[Feature Request] Progress Indicators

I had previously indicated to Drakkhis that I thought something with my herb field was bugged. It appeared one of the plots became frozen. What actually happened was that I managed to turn off the progress indicator on that plot only.

What I discovered was that once the herbs are planted I was not able to change the progress indicator on or off. It could only be changed when the plot was completely empty. Also that plot 0 seems to be activated not on the plot itself but by clicking on the outside of the herb field. Not really a problem, but thats why I was confused because I thought it shut them all off.

It would be great if we could change the indicator status on or off regardless of the status on the fields.

Pros: it acts as an added layer of security. Its more difficult for a visitor to plan a potential raid if they have no idea how long is left on the crafting process.

Cons: without being able to turn it on and off at will there is also no way for me to know exactly when the crafting may complete making my harvest also a lot of guess work.

I’d like to see this feature on all of the crafting stations and fields that have long crafting times.

I know I had mentioned not being able to access this menu on the vineyard previously.

I’d like to see it on the fermenter and the aging barrels, farm animals etc.

I love seeing the progress bars on the short term crafting stations and harvests its a very nice visual feedback.

On the long term “crafting items” it takes away from the visual aesthetics of the parcel if there are 10-20 large green progress bars scattered about.

I did not realize we needed this, but we absolutely do! I would like to see the ability to turn the progress indicator on and off at will on crafting stations also, though I can see limiting that to the owner of the station, or at least the group.

It would also be nice if it could include a countdown timer that shows the remaining time on the craft.

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You’ll be able to link signs to your items. And can be placed anywhere on sim. So you could, if you wanted, have a control room on sim to see qhat all your items are up to.