Dungeon For SLC

Is there a way possibly to advertise the dungeon in the “regions” section of the meter page? For those that do not know about it, it is a very cool dungeon you go and explore. You can be awarded very rare items, and at times encounter Monsters or Rats that if you kill, you will get a very rare SLC award. It is very fun.

Where is this dungeon? I’ve not heard anything about it.

The dungeon is not yet released. I believe what you have is a demo test platform and comes as is which @drakkhis has rezzed on your land.

We will be working on the dungeon system and its themes in future and making it available to customers.

It will integrate with monsters, quest system and have special crafting stations inside for Ranger class and so on.

It’s a little way down our projwct list however and may be a while before we start seeing demonstration videos and release.