CXP Store Enhancements

As the CXP store grows in-world with new additions such as animals and rare ingredients only available for CXP currency, it is becoming a longer process for members to scroll to the individual item of their choice before selecting how many units and so forth.

We will be adding even more ingredients, such as spices soon for the butcher profession which will increase scrolling required to get to the item required. This means, we need to update the CXP store to suit our community, and we are giving you the opportunity to speak up before making this change.

I’ll do a poll below with two options which we see as suitable, but if you feel you have a better idea than the below two, please feel free to add to the discussion by replying.

Same In-World CXP Store - more columns
We can keep the in-world CXP store, but instead of showing 1 item at a time, we could have 2 columns with 4 or 5 items in each column which you can click on to pick, or scroll columns.

Web Based CXP Store
A little like the Marketplace HUBS, a web based CXP store will allow you to scroll in your browser to pick what you are looking for to consume CXP on for an item. This enables us also to decide to add icons to products and images to represent what you are purchasing for your CXP should we choose to do that. We could also expand on a web based CXP store to enable leveling and stat increasing etc using that same system all in one.

How would you like to see the CXP store enhanced?

  • Same in-world store - more columns
  • Web Based CXP Store

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I also think more than 1 will definitely be needed soon. I have had to wait a couple of times while it is in use. When I go there to get stuff I feel like the guy in line at the store with 62 lottery tickets to be checked and upsets everyone. I usually buy alot of stuff.

If its web based that issue is resolved. You click on it like a market and are taken to a website. No need to wait in queue in that case.