Changes to the Practice Dummy

Dorian would like to suggest an update to the practice dummy so that it moves/evades and maybe charges (no damage). He said the bear at the store was fun to play with but recovering from that mauling was not so fun.

The existing dummy is good to work on, but being static it only has limited value for fighting practice. Something that moves around even if it’s just random movement in a specific range would help develop skills.

This is a low-moderate priority project unless huntables and pvp take off very soon.

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For Practice without The Danger of loss of life, you should get one of the Monsters from Dragon Forge Creations, then you can create a Practice Variant on the Web Interface that does 0 Damage… it will move and attack like a full Monster just you will not Get Damaged. And killing it will not grant CXP, because the CXP the Monster grants is based off of its stats you give it.


Ah ha! Okay. We didn’t know they had a zero-damage practice mode. They are getting more interesting the more I learn about them. I will pass that along. Heck, I might even get a weapon and go play!

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