Changes to Cow Breeding Recipe

As of today, the recipe required to breed dairy cows has changed.

No longer will it be the cost of just one dairy cow over 14 days.
Ingredients needed will require a few of the new grain types with the field changes, as well as water.

As you know, our animals do not require feeding or watering to leave on your land for gathering ingredients such as milk. But to breed a new cow, you will now need:

2 x Barley
2 x Corn
1 x Wheat
1 x Oats
10 x Water

You do not need to learn this recipe if you have already bred a cow before, when you go to craft, it will tell you if you are missing something.

This change will effect the portion cost of cow carcasses and the beef portions and recipes that come from them from the butcher, through to cooking.

This change will also be added to the new chickens, pigs and sheep coming this week as well.

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