Bug Report(s) - Community Storage Cabinet

  1. The cabinets in Crimson are set to group access, but occasionally group members are not allowed to access the cabinet, even when wearing the correct group tag. There does not appear to be a pattern to this refusal. As far as I am aware, this has happened to all of the group members at some point. Our standard workaround has been to change group tags to something else, then come back to the tag the cabinet requires.

  2. Additionally, as of 27 March 2022, one of our cabinets has not been releasing access when a user is finished. The next person gets “Station is already in use. Please wait.” Again, this has been sporadic, with no apparent pattern. The workaround for this currently is to right-click on the cabinet and click “Touch” at which point the cabinet releases the previous user and grants access to the new user.

@drakkhis - if you could assist with this one?

Hmm, I will look into it, but at this moment it seems like SL Issues that are causing this.


Vudon says: “You tell him he needs to fix that SL problem!”

He’s being ornery tonight.

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Yes I get that also. It seems SL forgets at times which group tag you are wearing. So I simply change group tags to something else then back again and it works 100% of the time. I don’t think it a problem with the chests, it is SL

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That’s been our workaround also, and yes, it works every time. That fact alone lends credence to the idea that it’s SL rather than the chest. It’s hard to say for certain because the chest is the only thing we currently have that is specifically limited to a group, but I’ve not also seen this issue with any other group-limited item I’ve worked with outside of SLC either.

Overall I don’t see it as a catastrophe or anything, but more a nuisance. If there’s something that can be done to minimize it, fantastic! It can be added to the to-do-someday list. If not, it’s just like lag…an added feature we didn’t have to pay for.