Brewery Review Request

I wasn’t sure whether to put this one under New Features or Help, so I opted for this space.

Vudon would like to have a discussion about the brewing process. His point of view is that all things considered, the process is much too long. His example is that the SLC process for moonshine, start to finish, was about two months (RL). Real-life fermentation usually takes about 80 hours, with the distilling process taking a matter of hours (100 gallons will take about 12 hours with correct cooking temps). Since the SLC process is making moonshine, not the aged spirits like bourbon, he is of the opinion that it should take an equivalent amount of time in SL.

Vudon is the one with the details on this. I’m playing messenger since he doesn’t have an account here, but he’s got all the research if you’re willing to take a look and discuss it. Thanks!

Hi @Lillith,

Thanks for this.
I’ve been looking at the brewery process and the way it’s in my mind is that, while yes if you start a brand new process from start to finish, you are looking at a month of real-time.

However, once you have the process started and you do not disrupt it (as in, keep feeding product into it through all stages) then you have a product each week.

We will look into the whole process again when we come back to the brewery and work in a Unity system where you’ll be able to invent your own alcohols and pick a barrel design for it to come out with. Like we have done with cooking and like we are working on with alchemy. We will look at brewing from the ground up again.

Moonshine is not an item that is used in anything currently, it needs to go into the oak barrels to become whiskey. Unless he’s used it in some cooking recipe?


No, he just abandoned it altogether when it took two months real time to get anything finished.

It will be interesting to see how it works out when you come back around to it with the new build for the system. Thanks for the update on the plan for this!

Yep, we will review times, start to finish for each station. It’s possible we update each ‘individual’ station into 1 larger factory style station which includes the fermenter and distiller in 1 item. So the process of mixing, mashing, fermenting, distilling and aging can be done on one screen (just an idea that came to mind now). So you get a visual of what’s happening perhaps.

Vudon’s comments and suggestions:

  • Have your recipe determined at the mash tun since that’s where the ingredients will vary. I think this is already in the works or already exists.
  • Consider the RL vs. SL time (an SL “day” is what, 4 RL hours?), and shorten both fermentation and distillation.
  • Allow for a player selection on aging (moonshine/vodka [raw spirits], quick, smooth, and refined, for example) where your selection determines the quality of product and the time it takes.
  • Barrel types (but limited! Keep it simple-ish) that would include the ability to char barrels or reuse barrels to create specific flavor profiles.

He does suggest keeping the time simple, as in all refined would take the same amount of time, all quick the same, raw spirits (which could turn out to be poison!) zero time, etc.

Please don’t read this as being pushy to get this part done right away. The suggestions and comments are going here so they’ll be written down for later, because we will forget if I don’t do it now, and it’s way more convenient than inworld notecards.


Not taken as pushy at all!

Really loving the ideas, keep them coming. It’s what will make us better and better.

And posting them here means we have something to come back to when we do our work on products. Much easier than having to sift through old notecards or lost IM conversations.


I do think a month of real-time is to much.

RL fermentation from Mash to Ferment takes 1-3 weeks at room temperature and then distillation process must then be continued

As with breeding animals … it should take time.