2021 Charity Contributions (L$20,452 in donations to give to charity!)

Hello All,

Not many of you would be aware that when I setup the SLColonies store and marketplace, I had set it up in a way that every purchase made in our store or on the SL marketplace, 5% of the funds would be siphoned into a bank bot account to be used annually for charitable donations.

Over the last year, we’ve got some sales on our belt now and some savings in our charity bank!

2021 Balance: L$20,452

That’s right, we have L$20,452 to donate to a second life charity, or charities, chosen by our community!

How does it work?
We discuss below charitable organisations within Second Life which are legally registered non-profit charitable organisations that help the world become a better place. They must be organisations which use Second Life and accept donations and run events within Second Life.

Once discussion is complete, we will create a ‘poll’ with the selected charitable organisations, and the winning organisations will have the money transferred to them on behalf of the SLC community!

So, what are you waiting for?
Get discussing below. Do some research and help us find the organisations we should work with this year for the Christmas period and get ready to repeat again at the end of next year!

If no resolution is found by the end of this year, the funds will be pooled and kept for the following year.


I would say pool them for this year, and next year when out of Beta there will be alot more members to offer input, and we can take a vote. There are a number of charities being supported already here in SL. It would be nive to find a new one we could all agree on. Thats my 2 cents worth.


I agree with @SeanOakley about holding off a bit longer on choosing a charity. That might also give other organizations to become involved in SL, and have our gang be instrumental in that organization’s fundraising success, instead of just a drop in the bucket for RFL. Big fish small pond thing. But that’s just me.